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Tom, the President of Ledingham & Company, has been helping people sell or purchase homes and businesses in Colorado for 34 years. He graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Arts degree and received his Juris Doctorate degree from Southwestern University School of Law, in California. He began his real estate career in 1983 with Perry & Butler, before going to RE/MAX. In 1986 he started Ledingham and Company and to date has sold over 200 businesses, which has given him the experience necessary to make every transaction go as smoothly as possible. Tom has seen hundreds of contracts, making him keenly aware of the many pitfalls that can befall any transaction. His experience and law background have been very useful in solving or simply avoiding the myriad of problems that can rear their ugly head within any given sale. Negotiating hundreds of deals has taught Tom how to hold together transactions through the tough times and get his clients the benefits they are looking for. Another benefit of his experience is his ability to envision and focus on the financial end, so all buyers, including ones with lower FICO scores or other debt related issues, get approved and consummate a successful closing. Tom and Gina sell all types of businesses including Liqour Stores. They have sold over 85 Liquor Stores while being the owner of one that does over 5 million dollars in sales per year. Being both a Broker and an Owner gives them a deep understanding of the Liquor Business from all sides.

Tom can be reached via e-mail at tom@ledinghamco.com or at 303-941-8652.

Gina, Tomís Associate Broker of Ledingham & Company has been a great addition to our team. She has been employed in the business world since High School. With 30 yearsí experience in the accounting field she has demonstrated spectacular attention to detail and knowledge of Financial Statements, Income Tax Returns and Contracts. In the previous eight years prior to joining our team she was the accountant for a thirty-million-dollar family business. She not only operated the accounting department, but she managed three large commercial properties. This is a great asset to our business when negotiating leases on business opportunities and also with business opportunities that involve property purchases. The enthusiasm and perspective of a bright, organized, social individual is an invaluable addition to our team.

Gina can be reached via e-mail at gina@ledinghamco.com or at 720-299-8262.

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